Ladies and gentlemen, the name is Anna Woolf. Eighteen years of age and currently living in the beautiful city of London. I own not a single thing on this godforsaken planet, except for my precious laptop and the ability to get past any firewall ever invented. I am your hacker for every job. Proud member of the Baker Street Irregulars.
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First Day. | Anna & Q

Strange was the least you could say about this situation. Only last week Anna had been hacking into MI6’s mainframe from behind her laptop in 220 Baker Street and now she was their newest employee. As she walked into the building, she couldn’t help but feel slightly out of place. It was as if everyone stared at her, like she didn’t belong there. And she didn’t, she knew that but it was the only offer she’d had in months. So, she accepted the employee badge she received at the entrance and the little map that’d show here where she needed to be. Q-branch was somewhere in the back of the building. Thank God she could read a map. Only five minutes later she walked in, quickly scanning the place. Soon, she noticed Q and walked up to him. “Anna Woolf, reporting for duty, boss!” she said with a smirk.